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Siberian Rubythroat - a record shot for Karnataka
please see http://groups.yahoo.com/group/bngbirds/message/15187 - This is for Mike Prince.
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Poster: Sachin Shurpali
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Tags: Sachin Shurpali  November  2008  kalenahalli maidenahalli mydenahalli  Siberian Rubythroat    400D  400L  bngbirds  mike  prince  rubythroat 
Date: Nov 24, 2008


Sachin Shurpali     wrote,
@24-11-2008 00:13:12
Congrats to Mandanna too for this rare bird in the region

Mohanram R K     wrote,
@24-11-2008 00:19:30
Read Mike's report a few minutes back, was looking forward to the image.Superb record.Thanks for posting.

Devendra Gogate     wrote,
@24-11-2008 00:30:47
Thanks for this one Sachin:)

Udayan Borthakur     wrote,
@24-11-2008 04:54:20
Thanks for sharing..!

V.Ram Narayanan     wrote,
@24-11-2008 08:09:20
nice one tfs..

Dipu K     wrote,
@24-11-2008 08:27:24
Nice catch there...

Santhosh Gujar     wrote,
@24-11-2008 10:04:06
thats a good catch

Rahul Parekh     wrote,
@24-11-2008 10:10:57
lovely find...many congratulations

Vishal Jadhav     wrote,
@24-11-2008 10:47:25
Great to see the record in that far down, i remember that someone clicking this bird in Kanha thats central india, a record shot under that i havnt seen.
THanks for sharing this info, great to see the domain increasing

Clement M Francis     wrote,
@24-11-2008 11:22:24
What an awesome record

Kiran Poonacha     wrote,
@24-11-2008 13:29:58
Great.. congrats

Mike Prince     wrote,
@24-11-2008 13:46:57
Well done Sachin: a stunner it certainly was! As we thought the bird is a first-winter which you can see from the buff tips to the greater coverts. The throat is a bit paler than an adult male too.

Species number 840 for me in India: www.bubo.org/listing!

Rakesh Dhareshwar     wrote,
@24-11-2008 22:40:43
Wow !! What a catch !

Amit Mitra     wrote,
@25-11-2008 13:48:53
Great catch ... TFS

Deepa Mohan     wrote,
@25-11-2008 14:29:22
Great catch!

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