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Nikon D90 Test Shot
Hi , Just got my new Nikon D90 today. To start the testing I have decided to put it against the most difficult shooting conditions and tough equipments and tighter values ... Shooting Condition - Early in the morning Available Light - Moderate/ Shade ISO - 640 Lens - Sigma 100-300 F4 + Kenko 2x TC Focus - Manual Focus Handheld(with the support from Window) Focal length - 600mm Shutter speed - 1/80 Aperture - F8 ( Wideopen with TC on ) Image Quality - RAW NR - OFF Mode - Standard PP with - Capture NX2 And here what i got -
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Poster: Sagar Gosavi
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Tags: Sagar Gosavi  October  2008  Thane  Oriental Magpie Robin    Nikon D90  Sigma 100-300mm F4 + Kenko 2x TC  600mm  F8  Gosavi  ISO-640  Sagar 
Date: Oct 20, 2008


Ajay Parmar     wrote,
@20-10-2008 11:27:50
lovely shot...

Varun HB     wrote,
@20-10-2008 11:28:52
lovely considering 2x tc on a Sigma zoom

Suresh Basavaraju     wrote,
@20-10-2008 11:29:44
Lovely! You have put the D90 through a tough pace. It works.

Congrats on the upgrade.

Gobind Sagar Bhardwaj     wrote,
@20-10-2008 11:34:18

S. Das     wrote,
@20-10-2008 11:42:16
Congrats on the upgrade :) Superb image

Sandeep Das     wrote,
@20-10-2008 11:52:09
Nice shot..........congrats

Saravana G     wrote,
@20-10-2008 12:17:52
Congrats on the upgrade. Nice shot.

Nagaraj D N     wrote,
@20-10-2008 12:40:35
Lovely shot...and congrats on the upgrade...

Falguna Shah     wrote,
@20-10-2008 14:32:12
Nice one...

Arjun Narayan     wrote,
@20-10-2008 15:12:32
nice shot ! congrats on the upgrade

Ashish N Vagal     wrote,
@20-10-2008 15:56:34
Ohhh! that look like a planned checklist u thought of ......a tough way for camera ......:)
toooo good experiment

Manual focus and handheld at 600.....!
good practice man(and its showing off,great results.
Keep it up :)

Thanks for sharing
congrats for the upgrade Sagar.

Alwan Sadagopan     wrote,
@20-10-2008 18:06:12
Nice one! Congrats on the upgrade.

Ravinarayana Chakravarthy     wrote,
@20-10-2008 18:32:06

Babasaheb Gaikwad     wrote,
@20-10-2008 20:29:54
Superb shot. Congratulations for new toy.

Vindhya kumar     wrote,
@20-10-2008 21:48:44

Hrishikesh Chandanpurkar     wrote,
@09-11-2008 14:53:00
good one..good luck for more..

Arnab Banerjee     wrote,
@07-10-2009 11:15:35
Sagar your test shots are itself so crisp.... and Handheld!!!!!
That is a feat achieved delicately...Beautiful shot...

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