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Tiger and Gaur
Predator and Prey face to face. The beauty of our Indian Jungles is just studded with these lovely jewels. Another perfect India Nature Watch moment!! :)
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Poster: Yathin S Krishnappa
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Tags: Yathin S K  October  2006  Bhadra      Nikon D70  Nikon 300mm F/4 AFS    gaur  tiger 
Date: Oct 26, 2006


Ganesh H Shankar     wrote,
@26-10-2006 20:08:27
Amazing ! Love the forest settings - your are very lucky. Thanks for sharing.

Phillip Ross     wrote,
@26-10-2006 20:22:00
simply superb dude...love the lighting

Shivakumar L     wrote,
@26-10-2006 20:38:54
Simply outstanding ... what a moment ...
thanks for sharing yathin

Sachin Rai     wrote,
@26-10-2006 21:53:35
what colourrrrrr.... what light........ what subjecttt....... too good man

Dipu K     wrote,
@27-10-2006 11:33:36
What a moment! Its nice to see the those white patches begind a tiger's ear!

Niranjan Sant     wrote,
@27-10-2006 16:34:54
excellent compo

S. Das     wrote,
@27-10-2006 16:51:07

Vijay Mohan Raj     wrote,
@27-10-2006 17:36:49
Absolutely heartstopping INW moment, thanks for caputuring it and showing us.

Naren Raykar     wrote,
@28-10-2006 10:38:32
great moment..well captured !

Trishant Simlai     wrote,
@12-04-2007 16:35:58
Best Example of Perfect Composition, pic should been shown to photography students around the world!! FANTASTIC!!!

Amit Malhotra     wrote,
@14-07-2007 13:32:21
very well captured. love the lighting.

Devendra Gogate     wrote,
@24-07-2007 12:23:57
wow!!!! wonderful moment!!!!!

Nirav Bhatt     wrote,
@18-10-2007 16:20:36
Amazingly amazing

Sanjay Shrishrimal     wrote,
@07-12-2008 12:49:26
Great shot !

Gaurav Ramnarayanan     wrote,
@31-01-2009 18:14:42
Nice one...

Vishwas Takale     wrote,
@27-11-2009 23:18:40
Amazing picture perfect combinations, well captured!

sameerjain     wrote,
@18-05-2011 10:20:08
Saw Sudhir's version...this one too is WONDERFUL!!!

Vipin Baliga     wrote,
@24-02-2012 17:12:07
This is just breath taking..!!!
Spectacular show.!!

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