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Trailers | Bandipura Tiger Reserve
Well, Tigers in Bandipur, Kabini, Mudumalai, BR Hills, Nagarahole or Masinagudi may be shy, but a show-day such as this can happen even at Bandipura. An image that I deliberately wanted for the record, like how we sometimes get to see Tigers in Central and Northern India, with a safari vehicle trailing the Tiger! It was a privilege to 'Trail' him and sometimes, escort him. I was blessed with a similar encounter of him from the weekend that just went by, yet to transfer pictures and hence, please enjoy the slightly older one. Very sorry for sharing this so late.

And it feels so great to have him back in great shape! Long Live the King!
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Poster: Ramakrishnan
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Tags: Ramakrishnan  June  2011  Bandipur Tiger Reserve  Panthera Tigris  Cat  Nikon D300s  Nikon Nikkor AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4D IF-ED     300F/4  Bandipura  Bandipura_Tiger_Reserve  Critique  D300s  India  Indian_Wildlife  Karnataka  Karnataka_Wildlife  King_of_Bandipur  Male  Male_Tiger  Nikkor  Nikon  Panthera  Prince  Ramakrishnan  Reserve  Tiger  Tigris  Wildlife 
Date: May 22, 2012


Dr.C.S.Nagaraj     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:34:08

Vijay Ramanathan     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:34:14
Terrific. The details jump at you.

Bhargava Srivari     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:34:45
Ah...good one. Look forward eagerly to the weekend's work :)

Doraiswamy Swethadri     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:39:54

Bhrigu K Phukon     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:43:02

Vindhya kumar     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:43:15
Amazing shot, Ram. Loved the eye contact. Truely a king.

Anant Shahane     wrote,
@22-05-2012 10:58:21

Sravan Kumar     wrote,
@22-05-2012 11:17:22
Very Beautiful Image...

Jegadeesha Perumal     wrote,
@22-05-2012 11:51:36
Beautiful image

yuvraj patil     wrote,
@22-05-2012 12:08:47
wow....this is fantastic....

S.SURAJ     wrote,
@22-05-2012 12:25:42

Deepak Ramani     wrote,
@22-05-2012 12:29:19
Lovely...good to know you had a good weekend. Waiting for the pics :)

Angad Achappa     wrote,
@22-05-2012 13:01:37
Wow.. what an image!!

Niladri Sarkar     wrote,
@22-05-2012 13:35:53
Terrific image RAM !! unimaginable almost !
This is so good that the presence of the jeep behind is getting totally suppressed by the Tiger !

Sagar Mhatre     wrote,
@22-05-2012 14:18:31
Lovely Image ! TFS.

soumyajit nandy     wrote,
@22-05-2012 14:49:24
what a lovely tiger and image :)

@22-05-2012 15:33:51

Koushik Bhattacharya     wrote,
@22-05-2012 15:58:09
what a capture...great mood shot, love it

Clement M Francis     wrote,
@22-05-2012 16:37:52
Tooooooooooooo much .. one of you best

Prakash R     wrote,
@22-05-2012 16:58:16
mindblowing image ram

Vishwanath M K     wrote,
@22-05-2012 18:43:00

Sudhir Shivaram     wrote,
@22-05-2012 20:00:20
class shot man!!!!!!

Nishanth Naidu     wrote,
@22-05-2012 20:26:50
Fantastic work!!

Dr Sanjay Tripathi     wrote,
@22-05-2012 21:01:08
Superb image.....

Balamahesh P     wrote,
@22-05-2012 23:58:20

Suresh Basavaraju     wrote,
@23-05-2012 11:59:09

ajithmathew     wrote,
@24-05-2012 20:31:59
shot !!!

Indranil Paul     wrote,
@25-05-2012 11:25:56
Fantastic shot!

Shruthi R Rao     wrote,
@29-05-2012 10:46:33
Whoa!!!! what a cat and what a shot :) TFS!

Ramakrishnan     wrote,
@29-05-2012 20:17:12
Many thanks, for the kind words dear friends!

kaleeswara srikanth     wrote,
@31-05-2012 09:42:58
I think we both were there on the same day !! nice pic

Abdul Salam Usta     wrote,
@31-05-2012 09:55:41
Stunning image !

modak.ks     wrote,
@05-06-2012 00:44:28
Lovely perspective.

Anindya Majumder     wrote,
@07-06-2012 15:32:22

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