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Butterfly Pea
One of fine flowering flowers of our country which has colours from pure white to deep blue.This one is intermediate in colours with nice details.Common name: Butterfly Pea Hindi: Aparajita Manipuri: Aparajita Tamil:Sangu poo, Kannikkodi Malayalam: Sangu pushpam Marathi: Shankha Pushpa 6; Konkani: Shankha Pushpa Botanical name: Clitoria ternatea Family: Fabaceae (pea family) This wonderful twining plant generously bears quite large flowers (about 2" across) which are a beautiful shade of vivid cobalt blue with a white throat. The flowers are presented upside down - the "keel" petal appears on the top rather than the underside. A native of subtropical America and Asia, the butterfly pea is beautiful. A vine that can climb to 9 feet in a hot summer. The flowers are produced in late summer, deep blue with a yellow to white pattern in the center of the lower petal. A member of the pea family, elongated peas are produced and seeds can be collected for sowing the following year.Thanks flowers of India:http://www.flowersofindia.in/catalog/slides/Butterfly%20Pea.html A full frame and could not help space in sides!
image license critique

Poster: Sivakumar V K
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Tags: Sivakumar V K  February  2012  Udumalpet  Butterfly Pea Clitoria ternatea   Fabaceae  Canon T1i (500D)  Canon 35-80mm + Opteka 21mm AF extension tube @65mm 1/30s f/11 ISO 100 M  Critique  K  Sivakumar  V 
Date: Feb 15, 2012


mahant arvind     wrote,
@15-02-2012 10:34:08
lovely texture...............

Capt. Balakrishnan A     wrote,
@15-02-2012 11:08:03
Fantastic shot

Ranjini Kamath     wrote,
@15-02-2012 11:28:01
Great texture captured..

Pallavi Karanth     wrote,
@15-02-2012 11:34:20
superb sir.... very beautiful flower

JIGNESH     wrote,
@15-02-2012 12:01:44
beautiful shot sir

Dr. V. S. Ramachandran     wrote,
@15-02-2012 14:03:39
Fabulous shot!
Great textural details!
Lovely lighting!

Sudhir Sawant     wrote,
@15-02-2012 14:52:04

mohan gidwani     wrote,
@15-02-2012 15:50:46

j.h.chauhan     wrote,
@15-02-2012 16:15:44
beauty of texture...nice shot

yuvraj patil     wrote,
@15-02-2012 16:38:57
nice image with Info....

Biresh Basak     wrote,
@15-02-2012 18:58:26
Great shot
great details & info

Rahul Singh Lamba     wrote,
@16-02-2012 02:06:05
Very beautiful! Lovely colours, detail and excellent info as always.
Have been missing your posts in the Insects/Butterfly section.

Ravinarayana Chakravarthy     wrote,
@16-02-2012 08:21:59

Subramanya Madhyastha     wrote,
@16-02-2012 12:21:15

Prasanna.R     wrote,
@20-02-2012 02:46:18
Beautiful shot sir !

Parvathi Rammohan     wrote,
@22-02-2012 21:28:28
beautiful one

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