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Peacock Flower - Pink Glory
One of the various hues available with this plant.Comparitively rarer to the common form.Common name: Peacock Flower • Hindi: guletura • Manipuri: Krishnachura • Marathi: Sankasur • Telugu: Ratnagandhi • Kannada: Kenjige • Oriya: Krishnochuda • Tamil: Mayurkonrai, Mayil Kondrai,Konnai • Malayalam: Settimandaram • Bengali: Krishnachura, Radhachur• Sanskrit: Sidhakya Botanical name: Caesalpinia pulcherrima forma flava Family: Caesalpiniaceae (Gulmohar family) This beautiful treelet, whose place of origin is uncertain, is sometimes called Dwarf Poinciana due to the resemblence of its flowers and leaves to those of Gulmohar. They are botanically related but Peacock flower plant grows only to a height of about 3 meters, retains its leaves throughout the year, and blooms continuously. Flowers, which appear in clusters on long erect stems, are smalled than those of Gulmohar and have exceptionally long stamens and a prominent pistil which protrudes from the center. The most common color is red-orange, but one variety has pure yellow flowers. Thanks : Flowers of India http://www.flowersofindia.in/catalog/slides/Peacock%20Flower%20yellow.html
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Poster: Sivakumar V K
Views: 1534
Tags: Sivakumar V K  November  2011  Karur Tamilnadu  Peacock flower Caesalpinia pulcherrima Pink Glory  Ceasalpiniaceae  Canon T1i (500D)  Canon 70-300 IS USM+ 4X closeup filter Zeikos @110mm 1/125s f/22 ISO 400 M  Critique  K  Sivakumar  V 
Date: Nov 20, 2011


vaidya sundararaman     wrote,
@20-11-2011 01:00:34
Exquisite image........

Abdul Salam Usta     wrote,
@20-11-2011 01:02:30
Fantastic use of light........Love the dark BG......Tfs sir !

Dr.Jayaprakash     wrote,
@20-11-2011 05:46:34
Beautiful. It is also called Rajamalli in Malayalam..

yuvraj patil     wrote,
@20-11-2011 06:12:36
wow...superb image.....
nice info....

Israel G Momin     wrote,
@20-11-2011 07:18:17

BHEEMAN.A.     wrote,
@20-11-2011 07:24:27
Lovely frame.......

Dr. Indrani Das     wrote,
@20-11-2011 08:05:04
Beautiful image...

Vandana Murthy     wrote,
@20-11-2011 08:09:06
lovely image and info...

Seshagiri Mysore     wrote,
@20-11-2011 08:27:23
fantastic photography
Very good info sir

Capt. Balakrishnan A     wrote,
@20-11-2011 08:47:53
fabulous capture

Harisankar Kurup     wrote,
@20-11-2011 10:21:30
A Beautiful image Sir!!!

Ranjini Kamath     wrote,
@20-11-2011 11:26:59
Beautiful one!!

Sunny Joseph     wrote,
@20-11-2011 15:05:18
Beautiful image......... Love the description too....

Prasanna.R     wrote,
@20-11-2011 15:45:49
Superb shot sir !!!!

Chandrasekaran Arumugam     wrote,
@21-11-2011 06:55:24
fabulous capture.now it is in full bloom..

JIGNESH     wrote,
@21-11-2011 10:11:26
wonderful shot sir

Sudhir Sawant     wrote,
@21-11-2011 10:40:16

Dattaray Kale     wrote,
@21-11-2011 10:46:09

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