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It is Four O Clock !
Common name: Four O'clock, Beauty-of-the-night, Marvel of Peru Hindi: Gul abbas, Gulbakshi Manipuri: Marathi: Gulabas or Gulabaas, saayankaale Tamil: Pattarashu, Andhi Mandarai Malayalam: Anthimalari, Anti-mantaram, naalu mani poovu Telugu: Chandramalli Kannada: Gulamaji, Naalku ghante hoo Bengali: Sandhya malati Oriya: Rangini Konkani: Akashmuri, Meremdi Sanskrit: Krishnakeli Botanical name: Mirabilis jalapa Family: Nyctaginaceae (Bougainvillea family). An introduced plant well naturalized in India. Four o'clock flowers are trumpet shaped, about an inch across at the end and about two inches long. They open in the evening and wilt the next morning. Four o'clocks are leafy, shrublike, multi-branched perennials which bloom throughout summer. The plants are erect and spreading, 2-3 ft tall and just as wide. They have numerous branches and opposite, pointed leaves 2-4 in long. The fragrant flowers are borne singly or in clusters, and can be red, magenta, pink, yellow or white, sometimes with more than one color on the same plant. Like Petunia, bicolored flowers can also be grown. The plants continue to produce new flowers from late spring untill fall. Four o'clocks have large, black carrot shaped tubers that can be a foot or more long. In warm regions, the roots can weigh up to 18 kg or more. Thanks : Flowers of India http://www.flowersofindia.in/catalog/slides/Four%20O%27clock.html
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Poster: Sivakumar V K
Views: 805
Tags: Sivakumar V K  November  2011  Karur  Four o clock flower White Mirabilis jalapa   Nyctaginaceae  Canon T1i (500D)  Canon 70-300 IS USM+ 4X closeup filter Zeikos @70mm 1/125s f/22 ISO 400  Critique  K  Sivakumar  V 
Date: Nov 13, 2011


Dr. Indrani Das     wrote,
@13-11-2011 05:01:26

vaidya sundararaman     wrote,
@13-11-2011 05:31:01
Beautiful....totally different angle........

Dr.Jayaprakash     wrote,
@13-11-2011 06:06:53
Good shot..and nice write-up. Didn't know the plant had such thick roots..

Vandana Murthy     wrote,
@13-11-2011 08:15:50
lovely...thnx for info!

Israel G Momin     wrote,
@13-11-2011 08:25:25
great frame and nice info...

Ram Thakur     wrote,
@13-11-2011 09:17:17
Artistic creation, Mr Kumar.

Capt. Balakrishnan A     wrote,
@13-11-2011 09:24:13
fabulous shot

Doraiswamy Swethadri     wrote,
@13-11-2011 10:55:41

Abdul Salam Usta     wrote,
@13-11-2011 12:59:01
Nice one sir !

N Arun Kumar     wrote,
@13-11-2011 12:59:25
ahh :) the well known anthimantharai

Parvathi Rammohan     wrote,
@13-11-2011 13:56:22
Excellent and Good info .TFS

Ranjini Kamath     wrote,
@13-11-2011 15:52:45
Lovely image!

BHEEMAN.A.     wrote,
@13-11-2011 19:50:13
Lovely shot.......

Seshagiri Mysore     wrote,
@13-11-2011 23:17:45
great shot

JIGNESH     wrote,
@14-11-2011 10:31:38
fabulous shot sir

Chandrasekaran Arumugam     wrote,
@14-11-2011 18:57:37
fabulous capture...

Raviprakash S S     wrote,
@15-11-2011 08:29:42
Awesome shot sir

Prasanna.R     wrote,
@15-11-2011 17:50:36
Fantastic shot sir !!!!

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