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Shoe Flower
This profuse flowering variety is commonly kept in home to use the flowers for daily puja.Common name: China Rose, Chinese hibiscus Hindi: Gurhal Manipuri: Juba kusum athonba Kannada: DasavaLa Malayalam: Chemparati Tamil: chembarutti Marathi: Jaswand Konkani: Dosni Phool Botanical name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Family: Malvaceae (mallow family) Nobody knows whether the hibiscus really is a native of China as its latin name, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, (rosa-sinensis = Chinese Rose) suggests or not. Many believe, it comes from India. This large shrub or small tree grows to 15 feet high. The toothed leaves are arranged alternately and vary a lot, but tend to be large, dark green, and shiny. This plant has a coarse texture and may be upright or broad and spreading. It is often many-stemmed. Flowers are glorious and huge at their best -- up to 6" in diameter -- and occur in many colors. Most are flared and have a bell shape and may be single or double, smooth or scalloped. They have a long central tube with stamens and pistils at the tip. Thanks : Flowers of India
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Poster: Sivakumar V K
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Tags: Sivakumar V K  September  2011  Karur  Shoe Flower Hibiscus rosa sinensis  Malvaceae  Canon T1i (500D)  Canon 70-300 IS USM  Critique  ID  K  Sivakumar  V 
Date: Oct 18, 2011


Harisankar Kurup     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:05:02
LOVELY!!!Thanks for the info too!!

Nanjan Dharuman     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:11:03

Ravinarayana Chakravarthy     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:16:10

RAJESH NATH     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:31:30
Lovely shot..

Capt. Balakrishnan A     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:36:29
excellent shot

Ragoo Rao     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:48:58
Good picture...!!!

Prasanna.R     wrote,
@18-10-2011 08:55:50
Awesome shot sir !!!!

Ranjini Kamath     wrote,
@18-10-2011 09:40:44
Lovely image!

Sudhir Sawant     wrote,
@18-10-2011 10:13:32
Beautiful shot sir ........

BHEEMAN.A.     wrote,
@18-10-2011 17:36:00

Sravan Kumar     wrote,
@18-10-2011 22:27:26
Beautiful Image...

Abdul Salam Usta     wrote,
@19-10-2011 00:16:57
Superb shot sir.......

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