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Violet Cuckoo
image license critique

Poster: Dhritiman Mukherjee
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Tags: Dhritiman Mukherjee  December  2005  Andaman  Violet Cuckoo    Nikon F80  Nikon 70-200 + 2X    Critique 
Date: Aug 16, 2007


Kulashekara C S     wrote,
@16-08-2007 20:29:13
Lovely image Dhritiman.... first I am seeing the photograph of the specie....TFS....

Abhijit Gandhi     wrote,
@16-08-2007 20:45:21
Wow!!! Me too... infact i heard abt it for the first time! Nature is great! Tfs

Manu Mahesh     wrote,
@16-08-2007 20:49:40
Good image! Tfs.

Rajesh Shah     wrote,
@16-08-2007 21:10:46
Smashing Capture Dhritiman....

Ravinarayana Chakravarthy     wrote,
@16-08-2007 21:31:43
Lovely specimen ; First timer ; TFS

Vijay Mohan Raj     wrote,
@16-08-2007 22:07:37
Really rare stuff, I haven't not even imagined it forget seeing it let alone photograph it. TFS

Gaurav Purohit     wrote,
@16-08-2007 22:18:55
fantastic stuff! TFS

Girish Vaze     wrote,
@16-08-2007 22:26:20
amazing. never even heard of it. TFS

Shivakumar L     wrote,
@16-08-2007 22:49:49
You are a genius in presenting rare species images.

Mohanram R K     wrote,
@16-08-2007 23:02:57
Wooowww...thats a rare one!

Siva A N     wrote,
@17-08-2007 09:20:41
Enjoyed all your rare images. Please keep posting them. This is too cool a shot.

Clement M Francis     wrote,
@17-08-2007 09:32:36
How I wish that you will get this opportunity again to get this bird in Digital. It will be one heck of a shot.

Dipu K     wrote,
@17-08-2007 09:57:00
Great one!!!

Rahul Rao     wrote,
@17-08-2007 13:53:18
Great capture Dhritiman..!

Shashank Dalvi     wrote,
@07-10-2007 18:30:02
simply gr8!!!

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