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There is a famous bengali poem, written by Sri Rabindra Nath Tagore....'Taal Gach' (Palm Tree). Bengali people can remember this poem. This is a very small try to picturise the entire thought of that poetry & of the gretest poet.
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Poster: Prodip Kumar Bhattacharya
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Date: Mar 5, 2010


Gopal Elayavalli     wrote,
@10-03-2010 06:11:21
Wow. Interesting and unusually tall Palm tree. Tfs

Sivakumar V K     wrote,
@16-03-2010 01:04:16
Great. tributes to Guruji Tagore.
I never thought that Palmyrah Palms exist in Bengal!I was in UP for 4 years and thought the trees not found there will not be seen in Bengal/assam etc.
A Great tall tree indeed !
Thanks for the picture and knowledge it imparted.

Prodip Kumar Bhattacharya     wrote,
@16-03-2010 21:52:45
It is very common tree of Bengal. The fruit is also very popular here. It's true, the hight of this tree is a bit different. Thanx for spending your valuable time.

Sandeep Mukherjee     wrote,
@19-12-2014 14:36:17
vow vow vow....

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