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'Gold' Jungle Fowl | Thattekad
A portrait of this very colorful and beautiful shy bird.
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Poster: Siva A N
Views: 821
Tags: Siva A N  March  2007  Thattekad  Grey Jungle Fowl    Canon 30D  Canon 300f4 + 1.4x TC  Fowl  Grey  Jungle  Thattekad  Thattekad-Munnar07 
Date: Apr 15, 2007


Vijay Mohan Raj     wrote,
@15-04-2007 21:45:54
Siva I hope you are not fooling us with a domestic one, this one is simply fantastic and with 300 you get an image like this, Thattekad is surely a place to go.

Pramod Viswanath     wrote,
@15-04-2007 21:46:50
Awesome Siva!!

Vishvajit Juikar     wrote,
@15-04-2007 21:51:34
wow, truely awesome capture

S. Das     wrote,
@15-04-2007 21:59:40
HeHe I can understand VMR's Surprise .. I too am really surprised ... Fantastic

Arvind Rao     wrote,
@15-04-2007 22:35:21
Awesome colors.. surely one of the best shots of this very shy bird..

Gaurav Sharma     wrote,
@15-04-2007 22:36:38
I just love the intense, saturated colors here. Very sharp image. Love it.

Sudhir Shivaram     wrote,
@16-04-2007 08:25:47
Class shot with excellent details...well done Siva.

Dr.J.Pranay Rao     wrote,
@16-04-2007 10:18:38
Lovely close up.... beautiful photograph.

Niranjan Sant     wrote,
@16-04-2007 10:52:33
this is just awsome,great shot,all perfect

Rakesh Dhareshwar     wrote,
@16-04-2007 15:56:03
Awesome one , Siva !! What colours.

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