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Is it Bristle-thighed Curlew??
ID please????Bristle-thighed Curlew???
image license ID

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Tags: AJITH ARAVIND  September  2009  Bangalore      Canon 20D  Canon 100-400mm    ID 
Date: Sep 28, 2009


viraj sose     wrote,
@28-09-2009 01:09:47
i am not very sure that it is a bristle thighed curlew.. i am not that experienced though... lovely image anyways... i will be be looking forward to see the confirmed ID comment

Amit Thakurta     wrote,
@28-09-2009 01:25:55
Most probably a non-breeding Whimbrel.

Rohan Kamath     wrote,
@28-09-2009 07:09:11
yep...this is a whimbrel...
the Bristle-thighed Curlew is found in Alaska...

Divya Venkatesh     wrote,
@28-09-2009 09:28:46
Good one

Mohanram R K     wrote,
@28-09-2009 09:53:04
Good one, you should get hold of a book on Indian birds to avoid the confusion. Where did you shoot this in Bangalore? Not often do we see Whimbrels around here...

AJITH ARAVIND     wrote,
@28-09-2009 10:10:57
Thanks everyone.I shot this picture near Varthur lake. Are Whimbrels resident or migratory??

Sandeep Somasekharan     wrote,
@28-09-2009 22:30:44
Super catch. Never heard of whimbrels in bangalore!

AJITH ARAVIND     wrote,
@29-09-2009 10:53:21
Wow.isn't something special then.To be precise, i shot near the paddy fields of Varthur. The green back ground is infact the paddy fields.

Srikanth Kumar     wrote,
@26-10-2009 21:17:09
Wow Whimbrels in Bangalore....... Excellent

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