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Man vs Wild Conflict
Elephants in search of food and water have been devastating the banana fields
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Poster: Babu Desikan
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Date: Jul 24, 2009


Ragoo Rao     wrote,
@24-07-2009 16:53:53
What else can we expect when we destroy and reduce their habitat. We have to respect their habitat and give them room to live.After all The Planet Belongs to Them Too.

nagaraj tanksali     wrote,
@24-07-2009 19:04:15
humans may win battles but it is the nature which will win the war, the sooner we all understand this the better for all of us.

Sivakumar V K     wrote,
@07-08-2009 00:12:45
True winning any war against nature will have greater ramifications and will be hit more devastatingly..
We can feel sorry for the plight of all hill animals. Is it not greed of man to take his Tea and Coffee made this entire mess (leaving alone timbre). We should think before a cup of tea!!!

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