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Eurasian Wryneck (record shot)
A rarity for these parts which my team spotted at the very enjoyable Bangalore Bird Race yesterday and was selected as Bird of the Day ! I was told by Dr Subramanian that this is only the 3rd recorded sighting of this bird in Bangalore since records began (it usually winters in Northern India). Thanks to all the organisers (and my team!) for such a great day out!
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Poster: James Williams
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Tags: James Williams  February  2007  Valley School, Bangalore  Jynx torquilla    Nikon D70  Sigma 170-500  Birdrace  Eurasian  Wryneck 
Date: Feb 12, 2007


P. Kartik Kumar     wrote,
@12-02-2007 19:27:46
Congratulations! This was a super sighting. Was it in the evening?

James Williams     wrote,
@12-02-2007 19:44:38
Thanks Kartik for your comments :-) - it was just after 8 o'Álock in the morning - though my camera setting was left on ISO800 by mistaker from earlier!

Madhukar Rao     wrote,
@14-02-2007 19:56:05
Hi James, Thanks for sharing the picture. Hope I get to see this bird in this life.

Deepa Mohan     wrote,
@15-02-2007 13:32:18
Great sighting and good picture!

But I want to ask...if, let's say, greenhorns like me had made such a sighting, would it have been accepted without photographic documentation? What are the rules regarding this at the Bird Race?

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